Privatpraxis für Physiotherapie, medizinische Massagen, Fitness – und Wellnessangebote zur Prävention im Centro Delfino in Berlin – Charlottenburg

Do you want to enjoy more mobility, flexibility, energy and well being?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

As an experienced physiotherapist, I can provide you with customised full-body training suited to your build, as well as stress relief and recovery, and/or a combination of the two – all on a flexible schedule.

Full-body training:
This includes mobility improvement, strength and endurance training, stabilisation and strengthening of the core muscles (core training), and muscle stretching.

If you would also like to lose weight, I can give you some practical advice on changing your dietary habits as well.

Recovery services:
These include classic massages and WATSU*

* By the way: I’m the only Physiotherapist in Berlin who can give Watsu-sessions!

Workplace health promotion for companies:
This can help reduce your taxes, since ergonomic advice and massages count as preventive medicine on your tax returns. (for more information on this, follow the “Physiotherapy” link)

My preventive and rehabilitative offers cater to all those who recognise that investing in their own health is worthwhile and sensible; those who have already had or are still having trouble with their musculoskeletal system; and also specifically to the target group: golfers.

You will see:
All activities in your everyday life will become much easier again once you grant your muscular system the tone your body requires.

Training takes place either in your home, at your office, outdoors, in water, at the gym or in my treatment rooms. The choice is yours. My work is based predominantly in and around Berlin, but I am prepared to travel to other parts of Germany, Europe and the world.