Inhibition of bad posture, preclusion of occupational disease, training for high-risk patients (osteoporosis prevention)

Ambulant Therapy:
for orthopaedic ailments (e.g. defective position, osteoarthritis, scoliosis, spinal disc herniation) and pain relief

Sports Injury Treatment

Rehabilitation after Accidents:

as part of traumatology (e.g. after a fracture, a joint replacement, an amputation, a torn ligament, or stretched cicatrix);
after long-term illnesses and operations to restore the patient’s natural mobility, strength and coordination; to facilitate a return to work;
for the treatment of rheumatic ailments (e.g. polyarthritis, Bechterew’s disease); for internal illnesses (e.g. heart attack, cardiac insufficiency, diabetes, pneumonia)

Types of Treatment:
Manual therapy pdf-icon
Manual lymph drainage pdf-icon
Equipment-aided/medical exercise therapy pdf-icon