ergonomic coaching in companys


The central purpose of ergonomic consulting is to establish optimised working conditions for your employees.

My most important goal is the creation of ergonomically designed workplaces. To achieve this, it is essential to protect all working people from physical harm, even when they are engaging in the same activities long term. In principle, ergonomic consulting is useful in any situation where work procedures have become an everyday routine – so that also includes the home! For example, how should I ergonomically clean the kitchen/bathroom/windows etc. Or how should I use the vacuum cleaner so as to avoid back pain when I’m finished? You may be smirking at the thought of this now, but there are many hidden pitfalls in these minute details of how we sit, stand or move when carrying out specific duties, and if we are not careful (=lower back pain), the worst possible result could be a life-long disability or restriction of movement. That’s why it’s important to understand such banal activities and to take specific remedial action.

My work can also be helpful for companies:
As a company manager, you are no doubt already aware that your employees are your greatest assets. You would therefore like to invest in your employees’ health?
Then, as your advisor, I’ll gladly carry out a workplace analysis for you, for instance, for those working in front of computers. By taking a close look at occupational health and safety issues, such as the working environment (room size, lighting, work equipment – in particular the monitor, keyboard, computer desk and chair), each computer workstation will be fine-tuned to suit each individual user.

Rest assured: this investment is worth it!