Personal Training

You know you should improve your fitness but there are always lots of reasons why you don’t get around to it: e.g. time pressure, no motivation, bad weather, too much stress, doctor’s appointments, etc.

In terms of timing, I will accommodate your needs by coming to you, wherever you happen to be, at a predetermined appointment time.

And when it comes to motivation, you can take comfort in the knowledge that you are slowly but steadily able to make changes to a key part of your life. – You don’t have to jump straight into heavy duty exercise!
Together we will find a way in which you can feel healthier, fitter and stronger in the long run.

Since I will be catering to you individually, I can concentrate completely on your needs, aims and agenda.

The program will be designed for your benefit and to bring about your desired results. It doesn’t make a difference whether you would just like to be shown how to do a few exercises, want to go jogging and/or whether you need a counterbalance to a stressful day at work in the form of Watsu, or a massage to recharge your batteries.

I can show you a way of getting to the point where you become downright addicted to physical activity because it’s suddenly fun and your own body begins to reward you with the gift of endorphins. These natural hormones make you feel great and you will enjoy a new zest for life.

You don’t believe it? Why don’t you try it and see how sport and fitness will suddenly start fitting into your daily routine as a matter of course.

Now let’s get started!