Golf-Physio Training

Golf-Specific Prevention – Advice – Treatment – Rehabilitation

The purpose and aim of golf physio-training is to supervise and treat the golfer in accordance with all aspects of golf physiotherapy, while taking the golfer’s individual physical and anatomical capabilities into account.

Advice and Prevention

Using specially developed treatment and exercise methods while considering the individual’s biomechanically optimised golf swing, we want to offer golfers the opportunity to optimise their game from a preventive and pathophysiological perspective, and help them play complaint-free golf.

This includes a suitably customised fitness programme featuring warm ups and cooling down exercises, as well as exercises for stability, coordination and fitness.
Special core training is also employed here.

For optimal results, golf pros work on this together with suitable physiotherapists.

As a physiotherapist, I have the advantage of being able to cover both areas of preventive as well as rehabilitative medicine.

Golf-specific Treatment and Rehabilitation:

We can also treat pre-existing problems from a golf-specific perspective and work on physical complaints that keep recurring when playing golf.


The following parts of the body are commonly affected:


– Spine, sacroiliac joints, knee joints, ankles, the big toe basal joints, shoulders, elbows and wrists,   thumb basal joints

– Muscular problems


I can not only treat you but can also offer advice on the following subjects:

Golf with a knee or hip replacement

Golf after a spinal disc operation or spinal problems

If you are interested, I can also offer your club members a mobile service at the clubhouse in the form of medical massages and physiotherapy, either on private prescription or billed directly.