Watsu (= Water-shiATSU) is a hydrotherapeutic alternative medicine application. When you are treated using this gentle and sensitive method, your every need will be personally catered to in 34 to 35-degree warm water, during an individual session lasting about one hour. The session includes elements of massage, joint mobilisation, muscle stretching, respiratory work and the Japanese acupressure massage, Shiatsu. Sweeping, undulating and spiral movements alternating with quiet stillness lead you to experience deep relaxation while in a state of weightlessness. Physical, mental or emotional stress can dissolve away as your breathing becomes deeper and easier. You’ll feel like you have a new lease on life. Your powers of self-healing will be activated and stress relief will be possible.

In this way you can:

– relax in the archaic element: water
– leave your routine behind
– let go, reenergise
– find an emotional and physical balanc
– draw fresh strength from your new-found equilibrium
– take a holiday for a couple of hours

WaterShiatsu is particularly suitable:

– for anyone who would simply like to enjoy a massage treatment that slows things down
– for those with musculoskeletal problems
– for people who are very stressed and/or have trouble sleeping
– for pregnant women

These special individual sessions last approx. 75 – 90 minutes incl. pre- and post-treatment consultation and take place in a saltwater pool in the center of Berlin or in a private pool.

You can watch a video about Watsu here, featuring Harold Dull, the method’s founder. It should give you a first impression of the technique.

Contraindications for Watsu